1. User Responsibilty

    You, the user, are responsible for ALL actions carried out on the Saza wallet on any device that you own or is in your possession. These actions include but not limited to the following

    • All transactions.
    • All purchases of tokens.
    • Import/export of Stellar accounts.

    Furthermore, you, the user is solely responsible for ensuring your own compliance with laws and taxes in your jurisdiction. Cryptocurrencies may be illegal in your area. You, are solely responsible for your own security including keeping your account secret keys safe and backed up.

  2. Privacy

    Kindly review our privacy policy for more information.

  3. Affiliation and Endorsement

    Saza wallet and its developers are NOT affiliated to the Stellar network. Saza is just a user interface that allows you to access the Stellar network. Saza wallet and its developers do NOT endorse any token, asset, coin, programs and initial coin offerings on the Stellar network. Stellar is a public network and it is your obligation to perform due diligence before conducting any transactions on the network.

  4. Disclaimer of warranty

    Saza wallet is open source software licensed under the Apache-2.0 license. It is provided free of charge and on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND.